Machine est mon Coeur

Machine est mon Coeur (France/Australia)

Weaving a universe made of dreams and sound collage…Machine est mon Coeur is Lo-fi, dark-pop for lovers, dreamers and somnambulists.

Driven by moody piano and synths (Gabin Lopez), and swept with ghostly guitars and vocals (Bianca Calandra). 

Their debut album ‘Dystopium’ will be released in February 2015 on Blank Records.

Dystopium’, a fusion of the words ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Opium’ sets the overall dreamy/hypnotic mood of the album. In a time saturated with ultra-consumerism, manipulation and escapism , Machine est mon Coeur felt that the image of the dystopian world is ever-relevant…where the controlled ‘sleepwalker’ roams lonely and unconscious. 

The album was recorded in an old house lost in the French country-side amidst cold, star-filled nights, skeletal trees and foggy days. The band produced the album themselves, combining the writing/recording/producing processes, an approach closer to collage (as opposed to more traditional production.) ‘Dystopium’ was mixed in Berlin by Tobias Vethake (Sicker Man/ Mini Pops Junior).

Machine est mon Coeur is not only a musical project, but includes a whole universe of visual material created by the band (filmclips, photos, artwork, merch etc.) The band has a strong DIY aesthetic, as they believe in representing their vision of the world through multiple artistic channels.