VINCENT (blankrecords)

VINCENT (blankrecords) is improvised music, always testing the seemingly unbridgeable boundaries separating song structure, soundscape, and free-form noise. Whatever sound surfaces is to be released and added to the community of moods. This playful and mischievous duo performs instant composition at it's best. 
Vincent aims to tell stories with their music. Both having a rather visual approach to music making, João Orecchia and Tobias Vethake are looking for the film to unfold within the improvisation. As if composing soundtracks to films that don’t exist might bring the film into spontaneous being, Vincent …

Vincent's sound palette includes guitar, bass, rhodes, cello, vintage synthesisers, paino, mandolin, toy keyboard, harmonica, alarm clock, slide whistle, theramin, toys, loops, and anything they can get their hands on.