blankmusic can be seen as the heart of blankrecords.
it´s all about live played and live looped electronical soundscapes, based on improvisation.
up to 6 people with different musical backgrounds melt together into a free form ensemble. main interest is focussed on 
any kind of challenging music, whether it is so-called serious or so-called popular music.
classical experimental approach clashes with electronical equipment and broken pop-loops.

the result is surprisingly homogenic, truly unique and highly authentic.
blankmusic are:
tobias vethake: e-cello, guitars, rhodes, lapsteel, zither
andreas rosenhahn: turntables, beats
joao orecchia: acoustic and electric guitars, melodica
jan hupe: saxophon, kalimba
simon ayton: drums, percussion, sounds
lucio capere: saxophon, bassclarinet.

"quality is punk" on amazon
"afterglow" on amazon