Kiki Bohemia

Kiki Bohemia is a one-woman-show from Berlin, Germany. She has been performing, composing and producing her own music since 2005.

Kiki Bohemia is a singer and autodidactic player of lost and found instruments and toys. After being the singer of the legendary Berlin off-swing band Bohemian Crystal and working as a touring and studio musician for international artists, she started recording and releasing her own material, combining classical songwriting and hypnagogic pop with soundscapes and field recordings. She has been writing and producing music for film, art performances and live radio plays as well as being part of various bands and musical projects of her own.

 e.g. Arlo Guthrie, Sicker Man, LoYoTo, Die Quittung, Guido Möbius, Serengeti, Bar 25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit, Schauspiel Hannover, Drama Köln, Sophiensaele Berlin, DLF, WDR, Slutty Clowns, KNPPLHRST, This immortal Coil; 





All the Beautiful  (2009 / Matrosenblau)
Bar 25: Tage außerhalb der Zeit (Compilation)  (2012 / Bar 25 Music)
Cleansing Drones for Locked Down Homes  (2020 / blankrecords)
Lesder Sessions #1 (Compilation)  (2021 / blankrecords)
Stroh zu Gold (as part of TRIALOGOS)  (2021 / Exile on Mainstream)
Appartement (Compilation)  (2022 / Loft Editions)
Dialog (Compilation)  (2021 / blankrecords)
Waiting for Wood  (2022 / blankrecords)