HiFi Brown


For his debut album, HiFi Brown has fished out a vast assortment of samples from his pop-filled ocean that take you on a flying carpet ride of (metallic!) sounds. Recorded in Vancouver, mixed and mastered in Berlin, „Cancer“ sends the listener on a hypnotic ride in the bat mobile through a sinisterly blissful comic universe. Manically cackling super villains tip toe down acoustic fire escapes, glowing synth comets illuminate the night's sky above, shattering echoes accumulate into card houses of dizzying heights. From the depths of the catacombs, beats and basses reverberate, emulating the dark lure of endless Berlin techno nights.

HiFi Brown‘s debut album is an iconoclast collage – dense, personal, grinning cunningly and glimmering with nostalgia – meanwhile interlaced with the melancholy one may feel on an early morning dance floor, when all those bodies have been danced to exhaustion and heads hang longingly in far away galaxies.